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Commission Slots:
2 out of 4 open
as of June 21st, 2022
Waitlist Available*

Please check Trello here for available slots, progress, and waitlist.

Commission Types

Here are all the prices you'll need to know as a start for any commission!
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All prices are a base and are subject to change on content requested.

Twitch Emotes

Single Design Set includes
・112, 56, 28 px sizes
Any larger sizes will be charged extra*

*pricing will change based on complexity and if animated

Pixel Art Style

Single Design Set: $50 USD
3-Design Set: $125
5-Design Set: $200~ USD

Illustrated Style

Single Design Set: $30 USD
3-Design Set: $75
5-Design Set: $120~ USD

Pixel Art Style

Illustrated Style

Pixel Art

Get a pixel illustration!

  • Base price is for a 50x50 px single character still image & solid BG.

  • Price subject to change with image size, amount of characters, and animation requests.

  • Simple animations only

Base Price: $25~ USD

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Quick doodles!

  • Base price is for a super rough sketch of a single character

  • Price subject to change based on complexity and detail.

  • I can also draw these live on my Twitch streams

Base Price: $5~ USD

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Full Art Pieces from flat all the way to shaded!

  • Base prices are for one character with solid or gradient BG

Half Body

Ink: $50 USD
Ink w/ Shading: $60
Flat Color: $ 65 USD
Cel-Shaded Color: $75
Full Color: $125~ USD

Full Body

Ink: $65 USD
Ink w/ Shading: $75
Flat Color: $80 USD
Cel-Shaded Color: $90
Full Color: $150~ USD

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CD Jacket Art

If you're looking for artwork for your EP, LP or whichever music release, this is for you!This covers the following:

  • 3000x3000 px 350 DPI PNG or .AI

  • 1 character

  • Solid color or gradient BG

  • Commercial fee included

*Price is subject to to change depending on amount and complexity of characters & composition*Puppet-style animation layers will be an additional 50%

$200~ USD

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Terms Of Service

Will Draw

Just about anything, really! Fan Art, OC's, Character Designs are some of my favorite things to do! Lewd poses and sexy clothes are totally alright as well!

Won't Draw

Artwork I don't feel I'm a good fit for, overly graphic NSFW/sexual content, real people without their express consent, sexual assault, pedophilia/minors in sexual situations, edit or trace an artist's work, or draw another person's character in a Not Safe For Work scenario without express consent from the owner.


  • Do not send money without a reply to the commission inquiry form from me.

  • Once a commission and price is mutually agreed upon, 50% of the commission price will be required up front as a slot reserve. (Non-refundable after first sketch has been drafted. Subtracted from the final payment)

  • Sketch commissions require 100% upfront payment.

  • Payments in USD only. Payment will be requested via PayPal invoice upon completion.

  • Payment plans are negotiable upon $100+ commissions.


  • Reserve refund when no work has been sent to the client

  • There are no refunds once the clean-up stage has started on any illustration piece, or when a sketch commission has been started.

Commission Process

How the process generally goes:

  • Sketch/Draft stage: A concept is agreed upon and reserve is sent, sketch(es) will be made to specs and references sent by client. These low res sketches will be sent so major and minor changes can be requested at this stage.

  • Clean-up/Lineart: After the sketch is cleaned-up (for detail sketch pieces) or lined, I will send a low res copy for your approval. Major changes may still be requested at this step.

  • Color/Shading: Upon receiving the watermarked image, the piece is considered completed. Only minor color changes can be requested at this stage.

Receiving your finished commission:

  • Once a final piece is approved from the watermarked image, you will receive a PayPal Invoice for the remaining sum of the commission. (The slot reserve is subtracted from this amount)

  • As soon as payment is confirmed on my end, I will send the respective full res file via a Google Drive or Dropbox link to your preferred point of contact (Discord, Twitter, Email, etc.)

Completion timeframe:

  • The timeframe will be determined either by the date requested in the commission inquiry form, or the agreement we make before starting your commission.

  • If an emergency or life event gets in the way of a completion date, I will be sure to contact you about such delays.

  • For status inquiries, please allow me 7-10 business days if I have not given you any updates to that point.

Revisions / Extra Fees

  • Any major revisions required should be made before the color/shading stage. Any major changes will be an extra fee.

  • Requesting updates & modifications after a finalized piece is sent to you will incur extra charges depending on the complexity of the requested change(s).

  • Character designs with lots of details, props and complicated designs (complex armor, mecha, intricate textile patterns, etc.) will be an additional cost.

Agreements / Usage Rights

  • Unless otherwise agreed upon, the commissioned artwork is for personal use only, and not to be used commercially.

  • It is prohibited to claim my artwork as your own.

  • It is prohibited to remove my signature without my consent. The only exception is using your emote commission as intended for chat purposes, which I will provide for you.

  • The ways you are allowed to modify the commission are: Cropping your commission to make as a profile picture, using as a banner for a personal blog, using it as reference for more commissions. Other instances will require my permission.

  • Commissions will be posted on my social media unless specifically requested to be private. If you do not provide a name to credit you by, I can list you as anonymous.

  • You MUST be 18+ years of age to commission NSFW materials.

If you post my commissions to social media, please give credit.
I reserve the right to decline any commission request without question.
By commissioning me, you agree to these Terms of Services

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